13 3 / 2014

I was channel surfing and came across an episode of “Lost in Space”, the 1960s SciFi series. It was a season 2 episode where Hans Conried played a ramshackled knight searching for a dragon like creature. When the creature is revealed, it’s may be the least convincing monster in the history of television.

It got me thinking about the show. In the first episode Will Robinson undergoes a final check by Dr. Smith then the family is frozen for their five year trip to Alpha Centauri.

The series proper starts with Dr Smith smuggling aboard and the Jupiter II gets lost in space. In the 3 seasons the stories got sillier and sillier. Will, Dr. smith and the Robot encountered knights, and Vikings and giants and bug eyed aliens and princesses and Carrot Men.

As I saw a few minutes of the dragon episode it dawn in me that this story could only come from the mind of a child. WHAT IF the entire series was Will Robinson dreaming while the ship and the family peacefully continued their journey.

(Of course when they actually arrived on the planet circling Alpha Centauri the would discover Dr. Smith’s mummified body on the lower deck. A fitting end for a terrorist.)